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Problem :

I am getting following error:

Deprecationwarning: collection.ensureindex is deprecated. use createindexes instead.     

Where is above error coming from? I am not at all using ensureIndex or createIndex in my Nodejs application anywhere. I am using the yarn package manager.

Please find below my code in index.js

import express from 'express';
import path from 'path';
import bodyParser from 'body-parser';
import mongoose from 'mongoose';
import Promise from 'bluebird';
mymongoose.Promise = Promise;
mymongoose.connect('mongodb://localhost:27017/bookworm', { useNewUrlParser: true });
const myapp = express();

Does anyone ever faced this issue? Any solution on it?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

The issue is that the mongoose still uses the collection.ensureIndex and must be updated by them in the near future. So to get rid of your error message you can downgrade it by using version 5.2.8 in your package.json and also delete any caches, last resort is to uninstall it the install it with npm install mongoose@5.2.8:

"mongoose": "^5.2.8"

Per mongoose docs please follow below steps:

mongoose.set('useNewUrlParser', true);
mongoose.set('useFindAndModify', false);
mongoose.set('useCreateIndex', true);

Replace update() with updateOne(), updateMany(), or replaceOne()

Replace remove() with deleteOne() or deleteMany().

Replace count() with countDocuments(), Here unless you want to count how many documents are in the whole collection (no filter). In the latter case, please use estimatedDocumentCount().

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