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Problem :

As I am allowing the USB debugging, when I tap on OK button, the Messaging pops up as follows:

Because an app is obscuring a permissions request, Settings can't verify your response

The above error is coming in allowing USB debugging.

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Solution :

The best way is just put your Android OS in Safe-mode.

For Samsung phones as follows:

1.      Hold your power button until three buttons will appear on the screen.

2.      Hold your power-off button on your screen for a couple of seconds while the safe-mode prompt appears.

3.      This will restart the phone to a safe-mode.

4.      After you are done with it, you can try to bring the phone to normal operation by just choosing the safe-mode prompt from your notifications.



Enter into the safe mode and just try to connect it. It works!

How to enter the safe mode?

1.      Power off your android device.

2.      Power on your android device and press and hold the volume down key the moment you see the boot animation, until android device boots up.

3.      Now you could able to see the safe mode in left right corner.

4.      Just try to connect now.

5.      It should work.

6.      Finally restart android device to exit safe mode.

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