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Problem :

I want to use the neural net for predictions.

I am trying to create some X as follows :

x <- cbind(seq(1, 50, 1), seq(51, 100, 1))

I am trying to create some Y as follows :

y <- x[,1]*x[,2]

Give them the names as follows

colnames(x) <- c('x1', 'x2')

names(y) <- 'y'

Make the data.frame as below:

dt <- data.frame(x, y)

Finally I got, below error

model <- neuralnet(y~., dt, hidden=10, threshold=0.01)

error in terms.formula(formula) : '.' in formula and no 'data' argument

Does anybody have any idea regarding the error I am facing? Any solution?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

As my comment states, this looks like a bug to me in the non-exported method neuralnet:::generate.initial.variables. As a work around, you can just build a long formula from the names of dt, excluding y, please find below the solution for your problem.

n <- names(dt)
f <- as.formula(paste("y ~", paste(n[!n %in% "y"], collapse = " + ")))
## gives
> f
y ~ x1 + x2
## fit model using `f`
model <- neuralnet(f, data = dt, hidden=10, threshold=0.01)
> model
Call: neuralnet(formula = f, data = dt, hidden = 10, threshold = 0.01)
1 repetition was calculated.
Error Reached Threshold Steps
1 53975276.25     0.00857558698  1967
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