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Problem :

I want to install the custom package for my main.go file. But, whenever I try to run below command :

go install custom.go

I often face below error :

go install: no install location for .go files listed on command line (GOBIN not set)

How can I fix this issue ?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

Please check your GOPATH variable.
Please make sure:

· Your sources should be under the GOPATH/src

· You must have the bin folder within your GOPATH folder.

The command with your source in DIR/src/foo/quux should be installed into DIR/bin/quux, not DIR/bin/foo/quux. The "foo/" prefix should be stripped so that you can add DIR/bin to your PATH to get all the installed commands.

If your GOBIN environment variable is set the commands are installed to the directory it names instead of DIR/bin. GOBIN must be the absolute path.

It appears as if your GOPATH is set to ~/go but you ran the go install command on the ~/dev/go

The Go path is the list of directory trees containing the Go source code. It is considered to resolve the imports which cannot be found in the standard Go tree.

If you have done go build correctly then you can also try a go install and you need to install the package, not a single file.

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Issue in go Install

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