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Problem :

I have the big trouble with the iOS App: it just crashes sometimes without detailed debug error. The stack trace is also empty. Below are the only two lines in the stack trace:

1. Crash start in UIApplicationMain at "symbol stub for: -[_UIHostedTextServiceSession dismissTextServiceAnimated:]".

2. And report "libsystem_c.dylib`malloc_error_break".

in com.apple.main-thread.

Also the error on Xcode debugger with the connected devices is as below :

malloc: *** error for object 0x208a7614: incorrect checksum for freed object - object was probably modified after being freed.

*** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug

I have already set the breakpoint in malloc_error_break with the libsystem_c.dylib without any feedback from the debugger. I have no idea regarding how to solve this issue.

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1 Answer

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Solution :

As you are in the debugger then you must look at the memory location 0x208a7614 and also check what is there. The data in the memory may be helpful in figuring out what's going wrong.

What is happening is because one of the below causes :

1. You must be freeing an object twice,

2. You must be freeing a pointer that was never allocated

3. You must be writing through an invalid pointer which previously pointed to an object which was already released.

Hope the above approach helps you.

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