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Problem :

I am currently working on the project and i am getting the error as below :

"Implicit super constructor MyPerson() is undefined. Must explicitly invoke another constructor"

But I am unable to understand it.

Below is my MyPerson class:

public class MyPerson {
    public MyPerson(String myname, double myDOB){

And my MyStudent class while trying to implement the MyPerson class, and just giving it an instructor variable as below :

public class MyStudent extends MyPerson {
    public MyStudent(String myInstructor) {
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1 Answer

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Solution :

If the constructor does not explicitly invoke the superclass constructor in that case the Java compiler automatically inserts the call to the no-argument constructor of the superclass.

If the super class does not have the no-argument constructor, you will get the compile-time error. As Object does have such a constructor, so if Object is your only superclass, there is no problem.

So whenever You are dealing with the parameterized constructors please make the super(parameter1, parameter2 ..) call to your parent constructor. Also this super() call must be the FIRST line in your constructor block.

Your superclass MyPerson does not have the no-arg constructor. So either try to supply an explicit no-arg constructor in MyPerson or explicitly call your existing superclass constructor in the MyStudent constructor.

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