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Problem :

I have been facing below error message and traceback:

Error in FUN(X[[i]], ...) : 
only defined on the data frame with all numeric variables 
5 stop("only defined on the data frame with all numeric variables") 
4 FUN(X[[i]], ...) 
3 lapply(args, function(x) {
    x <- as.matrix(x)
    if (!is.numeric(x) && !is.complex(x)) 
top("only defined on the data frame with all numeric variables") ... 

My only guess is that it is the result of my function code, which is as below:

corr <- function(directory, threshold = 0) {
vect1 <- numeric()
files_list <- list.files(directory, full.names = TRUE)
for (j in 1:332) {
    data <- read.csv(files_list[j])
    good <- complete.cases(data)
    complete_data <- data[good,]
   mysulfate <- complete_data[,2]
    mynitrate <- complete_data[,3]
        if (sum(complete_data) >= threshold) {
            b <- cor(sulfate,nitrate)
            vect1 <- rbind(b)
        else vect1 <- (numeric())

From the above error message and the traceback I guess the error is occurring when my correlation is running on the mysulfate and mynitrate columns. When I tried to run my code on just the first file in my directory, it runs fine with no error messages at all. Any suggestion as to why above error is occurring, and also how to fix it would be helpful to me.

I have tried to coerce my dataset into being numeric as below -

complete_data <- as.numeric(data[good,])

But now I get the different error message back as below :

 "Error: (list) object cannot be coerced to type 'double'"


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1 Answer

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Solution :

You must be counting the number of rows in your good data only and do not try to sum an entire data frame asa below :

if (nrow(complete_data) >= threshold) {
    b <- cor(mysulfate,mynitrate)
    vect1 <- rbind(b)
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