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Problem :

I am getting into the C# coding but I am having following issue:

I have below code on the UserControl:

using MyFirstDataLayer.Section1;
public class MyFirstClass
    protected void MyFirstMethod
MyFirstClass.MyFirstItem oItem = new MyFirstClass.MyFirstItem();
        oItem = MyFirstClass.GetItem();
        someLiteral.Text = oItem.Property1;

Everything works fine, but when I go to the access Property1. The C# intellisense only gives me the "Equals, GetHashCode, GetType, and ToString" as options. But when I mouse over the oItem.Property1, the Visual Studio gives me below explanation:

MemberMyFirstDataLayer.Section1.MyFirstClass.MyFirstItem.Property1.getcannot be accessed with an instance reference, qualify it with a type name instead

I am not sure of what this actually means, I did some research but was unable to figure it out.

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1 Answer

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Solution :

Understand what the ‘static’ implies in terms of both the run-time and compile time behavior and syntax.

· The static entity will be automatically constructed some time before
its first use.

· The static entity has one storage location allocated to it, and that is
shared by all other who access that entity.

· The static entity can only be accessed by its type name and not
by an instance of that type.

· The static method does not have the implicit ‘this’ argument, as does the instance method.

· Please think about thread safety when using static entities.

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