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Problem :

I was playing and below error just popped up and it just did not close.

“Array index is out of range. [system.indexoutofrangeexception] details: no details”

 I tried to restart the game and when I tried to boot the save it shows the error message again and when I pressed the x on it it went away but I just cannot select my building or use the building bar and my building have the shadows as if there is no ground and the river is completely grey. I have been playing the game for more than 20 hrs. Still I hope the issue can be fixed.

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Solution :

This can happen in the games that involve the world or city building. It usually means that some of the files in the world or city are completely corrupted or missing.

If this is happening even after selecting the new buildings, it may not be the specifically the city you have worked on for hours and built it.

If verifying your game file cache in the Steam does not work for you and you have no backup to save then unfortunately you may have to build the new city if one you have built is corrupted.

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