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Problem :

I have the below problem when I just try to pull code, using my GIT Bash on windows

Even after adding/removing the origin I am still facing the same error as below.

Fatal: could not read Username for 'https://github.com': No such file or directory


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Solution :

I had faced the exact same problem in the recent past. The problem had occurred when I tried to clone using the HTTPS URL and after that I tried to push the changes using my Git Bash on the Windows using below command:

git clone https://github.com/{username}/{repo}.git

But, when I tried using the SSH URL as below to clone it, Above problem didn't occur:

git clone git@github.com:{username}/{repo}.git



I had the same problem in the recent past, as I did not get any help at that time, so I have decided to post my solution that worked for me.

Few Points to remember :

1.       The SSH key must be generated

2.       The SSH key must be added to github.

3.       After that I had created the new repository on GitHub for my project and followed the steps.

As the command line tool I used was the GitShell for Windows also I use Terminal.app on my Mac. The GitShell is the official GitHub tool and can be downloaded from the following link : https://windows.github.com/

Hope this solution helps someone who has the same problem.

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