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Problem :

I have just signed up for the Google Analytics for the website recently. It was working pretty fine until today. But, after some time, it is showing up below error:

Internal error. Please try again later.Analytics has encountered an unexpected condition and cannot fulfill your request. 

I am not sure what this error is and how to fix it. Can someone tell me the solution on the above mentioned error message?

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Solution :

To fix your issue you need to just disable the AdBlock in the browser, and after that you can access your reports again.

Another fix for your issue is when you are trying to access your Google Analytics page, you will see the URL as below :


You need to just change the "ads" to "www":


That "ads" in your URL is responsible for triggering the misbehavior by your AdBlock

Another extension that can cause the Google Analytics to stop functioning is the uBlock Origin. If you just disable that extension when you want to access the analytics site then it will start working again.

If your problem is only the adblocker then you can try to whitelist your Analytics website.

I hope above solutions will help you in resolving your issue.

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