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Problem :

I want to develop the alexa skill, which should communicate with my own webservice (tomcat). To set up my project I initially followed the amazon guides. However I am still unable to connect to my web service and I am only facing the below message :

"The remote endpoint could not be called, or the response it returned was invalid".

My Service is only reachable with https. When I try to do my request via Postman then I get the perfect JSON-Response please see as below:

{ "version": "1.0", "response": { "outputSpeech": {"type":"PlainText", "text": "text" }, "card": { "type": "Simple", "title":`enter code here`"Tank", "content": "text" }, "shouldEndSession": true } }

How can I resolve my issue?

Please Note : I have hosted my service on Amazon EC2.

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Solution :

In my case my reason for "The remote endpoint could not be called" error is related to the SSL Certificate configuration.

As I have the valid Let's Encrypt certificate for the endpoint I thought I must choose the  My development endpoint has a certificate from a trusted certificate authority option.

But that did not work for me. My request did not even reach the web-server.

So when you choose the option as  My development endpoint is a sub-domain of a domain that has a wildcard certificate from a certificate authority instead then it will work.

Hope this helps in resolving your issue.

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