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Problem :

Currently I am facing the below error, while launching my Eclipse:

“The eclipse executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library.”

Previously my Eclipse was working fine when I had the jre6 installed on the pc. However after I installed the jre7 update 25 on the pc, I am unable to launch my Eclipse.

My Eclipse ini-file has below lines:


How should I fix above error?

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2 Answers

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Solution :

I had faced the similar issue in the recent past and after doing lot of research I figured out that it was the result of an update. So please make sure that the names of all the libraries which you have mentioned in your eclipse.ini file and the actual names of those files on your hard disk are matching exactly.

Please find below my Eclipse ini-file which has below lines:




I found the solution on the above issue. In my case, the '-starter' and the '--launcher.library' had the duplicate lines, which when I removed then that seemed to resolve my issue


It worked for me only after I removed my eclipse folder and all the related folders like .p2, .eclipse etc. and after that I simply re-downloaded my eclipse, it worked.

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That sounds pretty bad and strange. However reinstalling isn't that hard - download, unzip, alter the default memory apportionment, run Eclipse, install required plugins and features.

And nearly all of the significant preferences are in your workspace. The only crucial one I can think of outside of the workspace is the aforenamed memory allocation, which you can place on the command line or in the ECLIPSE.INI file.

I've only encountered the same problem. The issue for me was Windows 7 default unzipper program. It has a problem at the time it encounters files that have a deep file structure. I read about this problem some time ago however can't recall the article. Solve for me is to unzip the Eclipse download employing WinZip (or some other tool which does'nt have this problem).

Check eclipse.ini, there are two entries like:


For few twisted cause jars have version in their name - so in case you upgrade/have two different version of eclipse( while eclipse.ini is either linked or given as system wide conf file for eclipse ) it will cause above error.

At the time unzip in a cygwin directory on Win7, .exe and .dll require to be given executable mode. This is the resolution from a mintty (or other $TERM) terminal run with cygwin on windows 7:

me@mymachine ~/eclipse
$ find . -name "*.dll" -exec chmod +x {} \;

Attempted with Juno (eclipse 4.2) anew unzipped, cygwin 1.7.something

I have noticed this in MacOS Sierra. Occasionally unzipping the app leaves extended attributes that appear to prevent the startup. The following command line removes extended attributes and indicates to solve the problem:

xattr -c Eclipse.app

It also performs for other applications that are built on the eclipse framework.

Another problem  is that Cygwin's unzip utility (UnZip 6.00 of 20 April 2009, by Cygwin. Original by Info-ZIP.) does not always accurately unzip everything required for Eclipse to really run.

Employing 7ZIP v9.20 got Eclipse Indigo (3.7.2) up and running for me on Win7 64bit with 32bit JVM and 32bit Eclipse.

I only ran into this myself and figured out that, actually, as one post above stated: employing cygwin and gunzip or unzip to established your eclipse environment the permissions on the .exe and .dll files will be false and the JVM will not run them rightly.

#switch to the eclipse target folder
cd /cygdrive/c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\) #or wherever you put eclipse
find ./ -regextype posix-extended -mindepth 1 -type f -regex ".*\.exe|.*\.dll" |\
xargs chmod -v 750

How to resolve this problem

  • Delete the Eclipse folder where the setup was extracted.

  • Currently extract it again with a well known unzip tool (have a glance at the extension of the compressed file zip,rar, tar or 7-zip and use a extract tool that supports it).

  • Now attempt running eclipse.exe and you should be able to launch it .

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