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Problem :

I am looking for the function with the parameters such as data name as (mydata), factor as (myfactor) and variable names such as (myvar) to dynamically generate the histograms as I have to use them in lattice.

I tried to do as mentioned above but error appears as follows : invalid 'envir' argument of type 'character'. I think the program doesn't know where to look for this myf` string. How should I fix this issue?

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2 Answers

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Solution :

I guess there is no object called Sepal.Length. That’s why R is creating the error even before your my_function is getting called. There should be only one column name and it must be quoted to pass it to your function. Here the data object can not be created as your URL might fail to deliver the required data. So you should be using the built-in copy of your iris data object.

You must build the formula from the myvar and myfactor. The formulas are the expressions and so must get parsed without the evaluation of their tokens. So you need to build the formula inside the function that must look like: ~Sepal.Length|Species and after that pass it to your histogram call. Consult ?as.formula.

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Employ load directly

#Assuming the dataset inside swiss.RDA is called swiss
simple.fit = lm(formula = VoteYes ~ age, data=swiss) 

dataset = load("C:\\pathToRDA\\swiss.RDA") will make a varible in the Values section named dataset in your Global env with a string vlaue "swiss".

 Example Given:

mtest = mtcats
save(mtest, file = "mt.rda")
mtc = load("~/mt.RDA") #Will create variable called mtc = "mtest" in Values in Global env.  
load("~/mt.RDA") #loads the mtest dataset


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