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Problem :

I am facing the below error :

“Microsoft access can't create this relationship and enforce referential integrity”

I have already checked everything for the errors: primary key, uniqueness, and type. But the Access is just unable to link the 2 fields which I have in my database. can someone please let me know the solution if any?

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Solution :

Actually I think you need an index on your name fields, on both sides

But, I also want to suggest you that you are having way too many joins? Ideally there should be only one join from the one table to the other. It is very rare to have more than one join between the tables, and I can say exceedingly rare to have more than two joins.

Each of the fields labeled PK should be primary keys. These are generally AUTONUMBER fields. Each of the fields which are labeled FK are foreign keys. These are usually indexed Number fields of the type Integer. Your Primary Keys should be connected to your Foreign Keys in the 1 to many relationship.

Most of the times you will not need any other kind of joins. So the trick here is to create the tables with unique information. There should not be the repeated information in your database.The database that is reorganized in above manner is called as "normalized" database.

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