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Problem :

I have the two DataFrames which I would want to merge. I have referred many documents and also tried to perform many operations but I am not sure what to do now. Please find my two  DataFrames as below:

     id      name  type   currency
0  BTTA.S   Apple  Hard      GBp
1  VOOD.S    Soft Soft      GBp


   id         price
BTTA.S     301.2215250
VOOD.S    213.7914000

and I would like to return:

      id    name    type    currency   price
0  BTTA.S   Apple  Hard      GBp  301.2215250
1  VOOD.S    Soft  Soft      GBp  213.7914000

Trying to merge the price column from the DataFrame2 with DataFrame1.

I have already tried many methods of doing this as below :

Result = DataFrame1.merge(DataFrame2[['*.S']], left_on='id', right_index=True) 

But here I met with the exception as below :

ValueError: can not merge DataFrame with instance of type <class 'pandas.core.series.Series'>
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1 Answer

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Solution :

 The error message clearly indicates that your DataFrame2 is of the type as pd.Series. You must try to convert your DataFrame2 .to_frame() as the .merge() needs the pd.DataFrame() as the input (please see docs to get clarity):
DataFrame1.merge(DataFrame2[['*.S']].to_frame(), left_on='id', right_index=True)

while you probably also just could do following :

DataFrame1.merge(DataFrame2.to_frame(), left_on='id', right_index=True)

Or you can use the pd.DataFrame.join() which accepts the pd.Series.

I hope this will help in resolving your issue.
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