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Problem :

When I am trying to launch my application in the eclipse 3.7.0 I face below error :

“Emulator: warning: restoring gles1 context from snapshot. app may need reloading.”      

I have ran my application several times with out any error but now I am facing above error. I have already checked the AVD Manager and the platform and my API Levels are correct.

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1 Answer

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Solution :

This problem is not related with your app but it is related with your saved AVD snapshot. Your AVD configuration must be edited recently as you last ran it very successfully. Even changing the display resolution can produce above error. You should try below steps:

1. Try to change your AVD configuration back to how it was before change.

2. Edit your AVD to disable your Snapshot. or

3. When you next start your AVD, just uncheck your Launch with snapshot, but keep the Save snapshot as checked. By this way your snapshot will be completely ignored at the start-up, but it will be overwritten when you exit it. After doing that you will be able to use the snapshot for your subsequent runs as you used to do before.

Hope this will help you in resolving all your issues.

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kindly tell me how to do these steps I am new in android
and I am facing similar problem

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