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Problem :

I am much more familiar with the enums in C# but it seems like enums in the Java is a quite different.

Currently I am trying to use the switch statement @ enums in my below code but I always face the below error no matter what I am doing.

The error I receive is as below:

The qualified case label MySomeClass.MyAnotherClass.MyEnum.MYVALUE_A must be replaced with the unqualified enum constant MYVALUE_A

I am able to understand the error but I am unable to write the MYVALUE_A as my enum is located in the another sub-class. Is there any way to solve my problem?

//My Main Class
public class MySomeClass {
    //My Sub-Class
    public static class MyAnotherClass {
        public enum MyEnum {
            MYVALUE_A, MYVALUE_B
        public MyEnum myEnum;
    public void mysomeMethod() { 
        MyEnum myenumExample //...
        switch (myenumExample) {
            case MyAnotherClass.MyEnum.MYVALUE_A: { <-- facing error on this line
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1 Answer

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Solution :

The Java infers automatically any type of the elements in the case, so your labels must be unqualified as shown in below example :

int j;
switch(j) {
   case 9: // <- Here integer is expected
MyEnum mye;
switch (mye) {
   case MYVALUE_A: // <- Here an element of the enumeration is expected
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