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Problem :

Whenever I try to go to my Logs page the following error shows:

“There was an error loading Log Streams. Please try again by refreshing this page.”

The problem is that there is another function which is identical except my code which is creating the log files no problem.

Any suggestions to resolve my issue?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

Please ensure that your Lambda's Execution Role has the Policy that allows the writing to CloudWatch Logs from the Lambda.

IAM console -> 'Roles' -> < your Lambda's role > -> 'Permissions' tab -> 'Permissions policies' accordion

Try to ensure that there is the Policy listed that has the parameters set like below :

· 'For Service': "CloudWatch Logs"

· 'For Access level': includes at least the "Write"

· 'For Resource': your Lambda should not be excluded it should not be set to another specific Lambda, or any another directory of Lambdas, or any another resource type.

· 'For Request condition': Should not preclude the context of the given Lambda execution

An example of the "AWS managed policy" that should meet these requirements the out-of-the-box, being that it is AWS-managed is the "AWSLambdaBasicExecutionRole". It has below parameters:

· 'For Service': "CloudWatch Logs"

· 'For Access level': "Limited: Write"

· 'For Resource': "All resources"

· 'For Request condition': "None"

If the Role does not have above policy already, either need to add the new one or need to edit and existing one to have your requirements listed here - then your error must be resolved.

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