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Problem :

This is the very first time that I am using Jenkins and I have gone through the several articles but unable to find any satisfactory answers. We have the .Net project, and we are using our private GitHub repository. Now I want to build CI server with Jenkins.

By default my Jenkins runs on the port 8080. But for the continuous integration to work the Jenkins must receive the notification from GitHub. Our port 8080 is by default blocked from the outside world, and on CI server port 80 is open. So I updated httpport in Jenkins.xml file so now Jenkins is running on port 80.

On the Jenkins’s System Configuration page I can only see the “Git” and “GitHub Plugin Configuration”. I do not see the “GitHub Web Hook” option, and also I can not see the “Let Jenkins auto-manage hook URLs” has this changed in the version 1.646

But I see below error in Jenkins log

Failed to remove hook from GitHubRepositoryName[host=github.com,username=MyCompanyName,repository=reponame] java.lang.NullPointerException: There is no credentials with admin access to manage hooks on GitHubRepositoryName[host=github.com,username=MyCompanyName,repository=reponame] at com.google.common.base.Preconditions.checkNotNull(Preconditions.java:342)

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Solution :

Please follow below solution to resolve your issue:

1) Go to your Configure global Security and just uncheck "Allow users to sign up" to prevent the creation of new accounts.

2) Go to your Configure System/Github Plugin Configuration section and just uncheck "Manage hook" if you don't have the admin access or don't want to manage the hooks from Jenkins.

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