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Problem :

When I try to run the below code:

while j<5:
    except client.get_order as mye:
        print ("This is the error message!{}".format(j))
#End while

I got the following error: TypeError: catching classes that do not inherit from BaseException is not allowed

I kind of fix it with the below code:

while j<5:
        print ("This is the error message!{}".format(i))
#End while

The result is that it ignores my error and go to my next while but I want to catch my error and print my error.

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1 Answer

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Solution :

The above mentioned error usually occurs because in your exception clause you must indicate which exception you want to capture. An exception is your class that inherits directly or indirectly from your base class Exception.

Instead I have put the client.get_order where the python expected your name of the exception, but what you have put is the method of the object, and not the class that inherits from the Exception.

The solution is as below :

except Exception as mye:
    if mye.code==-2013:
        print ("The Order does not exist.");
    elif mye.code==-2014:
        print ("The API-key format is invalid.");
    #End If


I hope the solution solves fixes your issues.

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