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Problem  :

I am trying to develop the WCF web service in VS2010. My web service works good in my VS2010, I have also added the web service reference to the project in this project, everything works great, call of methods, good.

But when I try to deploy my web service I face below error :

The webpage at (website) might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

I have already deployed my .svc file and web.config. I have also deployed all .dll files in my bin directory.When I check my project folder, there are aa Web.config, Web.Release.config and Web.Debug.config. I am very new to the WCF web services, So what do I need to deploy to make my web service work correctly?

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Solution :

Firstly we will choose the Application Pool for our application to be used. It can use your existing Application Pool as long as it can use the same .NET version, or you can just create the new one.

Secondly, you need to choose the Site to host the WCF service. You can use the existing site or create the new site. I am going to use just Default Web Site, and will Add the Application to it

Finally, If your host machine is named MyHostMachine then to deploy your WCF, you just need to right-click your project, select the Publish and in that popup, select Publish method of Web Deploy lastly set the Service URL (ex: http://MyHostMachine), and your Site/application (ex: Default Web Site/MyWcfService)..

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