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Problem :

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with my code? I have tried almost everything and still unable to understand why my code keeps giving me below error:

Parse error on line 3: ...", "shortName": “Simple”, "longN


Expecting 'STRING', 'NUMBER', 'NULL', 'TRUE', 'FALSE', '{', '['


My incorrect JSON is as below:

    "uuid": "133713371-d579-4d751-a5c5-8dfcfe110f621",
    "myshortName": “Simple”,
    "mylongName": “Simple”,
    "mycompanyName": “pjtnt11”,
    "versionCode": 1,
    "versionLabel": “1.7”,
            "watchface": true
            "dummy": 0
            "media": []


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1 Answer

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Solution  :

You must be using “ instead of " for many of the strings in your JSON. And those may not look like incorrect double-quote characters, but they are incorrect for JSON. Only the latter is valid in any JSON.

This generally happens to me when I try to paste the quotation marks from the another program, especially the office software which likes to make the quotes look as fancy as possible.

Your corrected JSON is as below:

    "uuid": "133713371-d579-4d751-a5c5-8dfcfe110f621",
    "myshortName": "Simple",
    "mylongName": "Simple",
    "mycompanyName": "pjtnt11",
    "versionCode": 1,
    "versionLabel": "1.7",
    "watchapp": {
        "watchface": true
    "appKeys": {
        "dummy": 0
    "resources": {
        "media": [



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