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Problem :

How can I ignore the below error message on the Git pull?

Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge

What if I just want to overwrite them?

I Have already tried many things like git pull -f, but nothing really works for me.To be very clear, I just want to overwrite the specific changes and not the everything.

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1 Answer

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Solution :

  1. If you just want to remove all your local changes from the working copy, just stash them with the below command :

         git stash save --keep-index

  1. If you just do not need them anymore then you now can simply drop that stash with the below command :

         git stash drop

If you really want to just overwrite the specific parts of your local changes, there are two possibilities as shown below :

  1. Commit everything that you don't want to get overwritten and use the method above for the rest.
  1. You can use git checkout path/to/file/to/revert for your changes those you wish to overwrite. Also please make sure that your file is not staged via git reset HEAD path/to/file/to/revert.

If you follow above mentioned procedure then you will surely fix your all above mentioned issues.

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