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Problem  :

Chrome is not redirecting, nor it is changing my previous page, it is just report the below warning in my console:

“Resource interpreted as Document but transferred with MIME type application/zip.”

The above process works correctly in my Firefox, and also it works fine in Chrome if I directly open the new tab and go directly to the Am I doing anything wrong here, or is this the bug with Chrome?

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Solution :

As far as I know, your Chrome was expecting some of the material that it could possibly display (e.g. a document), but it received something which it could not display. This is both the question of how a document was declared at your HTML page level in a href and how it is declared within your server's answer by this means of HTTP headers so this is the question of contract, as opposed to the hope and expectation.

I have experienced that the :

Content-type: application/pdf

Content-disposition: attachment; filename=some.pdf

is just very inconsistent with your:

<a href='some.pdf'>

Here Chrome will definitely cry as Resource interpreted as document but transferred.

Actually, your attachment disposition clearly means that: your browser must not interpret your link, but rather it should store it somewhere for the other purposes. So above, either the download is missing besides the href, or Content-disposition should be removed from the headers.

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