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Problem :

I have my class called MyPerson:

class MyPerson {
    string myname;
    long myscore;
    MyPerson(string myname="", long myscore=0);
    void setMyName(string myname);
    void setMyScore(long myscore);
    string getMyName();
    long getMyScore();


In other class, I have the below method:

void myprint() const {
     for (int j=0; j< nMyPlayers; j++)
     cout << "#" << j << ": " << people[j].getMyScore()//people is the array of the person objects
    << " " << people[j].getMyName() << endl;


This is my declaration of people:   

static const int mysize=8; 
MyPerson people[size];

But when I try to compile the code I face below error:

IntelliSense: the object has type qualifiers that are not compatible with the member function
with red lines under the the 2 people[j] in the print method

Am I doing something wrong here?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

The getMyName is not the const, getMyScore is also not const, but the print is. Please make your first two const like print. You cannot call the non-const method with the const object. Since the MyPerson objects are the direct members of the other class and as you are in the const method they are considered as constants.

In general you must consider the every method you write and then declare it as const if that is what it should do. The simple getters like getMyScore and getMyName should always be made const.

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