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Problem :

Currently I am trying to use TortoiseGit on Windows. But when I want to Clone from a context menu of my standard Windows Explorer, I face below error:

Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists

 How can I make my git work properly?

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Solution :

I had also faced the similar issue in the recent past. I did lot of research on it and found the solution on it. This is the very common problem with the people getting started.

It seems that you are trying to clone your repository over the ssh: git@arobotdev..., and I guess your SSH keys are not properly set on the server. There are multiple reasons for this:

  1. Your public key may not be saved in the authorized_keys file of the user git
  1. If 1 is not true then Your private key may not be saved in .ssh/ folder of the HOMEDIR.
  1. Permissions may not be properly set

If all of the above 3 are untrue then the only conclusion can be to simply try below:


Assuming the AlfaRobot.git is in the HOMEDIR of git user and not inside the folder called git which resides in the HOMEDIR of user git.

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