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Problem :

I am facing the below error when I want to connect to the Minecraft server:

This is occurring on all servers and not on just one.

The error is as below:

io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information:

Version 1.12

I have already tried below things:

· Tried Restarting Minecraft

· Tried  Restarting Computer

· Tried Uninstalling and Reinstalling Mincraft

· Tried Uninstalling and Reinstalling Java

· Tried Altering Firewall

· Tried Restarting Internet

· I have messed up with the port, made the second windows account, reseted netsh winsock

· Tried Checking hosts

· Made the new WINDOWS account

The overlay in my bottom right is the Geforce's Overlay for game capturing and I don't have any of the mods installed.

Please help me in resolving the issue.

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I also had the same error on the local network, it looks like the firewall issue on your host/server side. For me, to troubleshoot the issue I used the nmap. The LAN game showed up in the multiplayer as the The nmap reported that the port from that IP as closed or filtered so it is a firewall issue.

To confirm it is the firewall issue, please turn off the firewall (momentarily). And see if you are able to connect it while your firewall is disabled.

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