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Problem :

I own the licensed copy of the Microsoft Office and recently when I launch it, I encountered the message asking me whether I want to launch the Microsoft AU Daemon. I have no idea about this app.

But I do also see the message asking me if I would like to see to it what the app "looks like," and I blindly acknowledged it. Now it is in the folder, along with the Microsoft Update.  

What is the use of this app?

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Solution :

The Microsoft AU Daemon is the small piece of software that periodically checks your Microsoft's servers to see if there are updates available for the Microsoft Office. Given that the Microsoft continues to release the security and other patches for the Office, it is probably the good idea to leave it running or at least you can remember to check manually if you already disable it.


For the time being, you can disable this app if you want by just opening any office program say Excel. In your help menu, Check for the Updates and just change "How would you like to check for updates" from the automatic to manual. Periodically (every month), it is always recommended that one should check it manually to install the any available update.

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