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Problem :

I am very confused about an error message I'm getting when I try to validate any simple HTML document without the meta encoding like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>







The W3C validator http://validator.w3.org reluctantly accepts a document as valid with just a few warnings when it is pasted into a direct input form, but when the document is uploaded or loaded by the URI, validation fails with below error message

The character encoding was not declared. Proceeding using windows-1252.

There are two things I don't understand about above error:

· Why is the missing character encoding considered an error, when fallback rules exist?

· Why is a validator assuming windows-1252 instead of UTF-8, like any browser would?

Can someone explain me these two points please? I am pretty new to this stuff, so please bear with me.

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Solution :

Well that depends on what you are using.

· if you are using a File Upload option, it depends on which encoding the HTML file was saved with.

· if you are using a Direct Input option, it depends on the navigator.

If you don't want a validator to guess, and use UTF-8, you can add the following line

<meta charset="UTF-8">

inside a  head element.

Hope it solves your issue.

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