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Problem :

How to solve the below error, I will first show an example of the data file.

My Data file:

col1  col2    col3

1     2       3

1     2       3

5     6       7


My R code:

read.table("mydemo.txt", header = TRUE, sep = "\t", row.names = "a")

My Output:

> Error in data[[rowvar]] : attempt to select less than one element

In addition: Warning message:

In read.table(file = file, header = header, sep = sep, quote = quote,  :

incomplete final line found by readTableHeader on '../mydemo.txt'


7 5 2
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2 Answers

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Solution :

The row.names is:

The vector of row names. This can be a vector giving a actual row names, or a single number giving a column of the table which contains a row names, or character string giving a name of the table column containing a row names.

If there is the header and a first row contains one fewer field than a number of columns, a first column in a input is used for a row names. Otherwise if row.names is missing, a rows are numbered.

Using a row.names = NULL forces row numbering. Missing or NULL row.names generate a row names that are considered to be the ‘automatic’ (and not preserved by as.matrix).

So you can provide either a name of a column (like "col1" in your example), or the vector of names for each row.

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The problem is reasoned by row.names = "a". Data set should have diverse row names. In case you attempt to name all rows "a", you obtain the error. In case you have a vector which comprises the row names you need to use, you can do this.

> a <- c("A", "B", "C")
> read.table("demo.txt", header = TRUE, row.names = a)
  clo1 clo2 clo3
A    1    2    3
B    1    2    3
C    5    6    7

You require to do:

colData <- read.table(file.choose(),header=TRUE, row.names = "gene_id", sep=",")

I have included sep=","

as.matrix(read.csv("counts.test", row.names = "gene_id"))
            Alsk_10.5_B150f_Gam_1 Alsk_10.5_B150f_Gam_2 Alsk_10.5_B150f_Gam_3
MSTRG.20438                160107                112757                    NA
MSTRG.19848                  1401                  1286                  1533

read.table("colData.test", header=TRUE, row.names = "gene_id", sep=",")
                            Stage    Sex    Isolate Population
Alsk_10.5_B150f_Gam_1 Gametophore Female Alsk_B150f     Alaska
Alsk_10.5_B150f_Gam_2 Gametophore Female Alsk_B150f     Alaska
Alsk_10.5_B150f_Gam_1 Gametophore_Female
Alsk_10.5_B150f_Gam_2 Gametophore_Female
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