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Problem :

I have written some code and when it executes, it throws the IndexOutOfRangeException, saying,

Index was outside the bounds of the array.

What does this actually mean, and what can I do to fix it?

Depending on the classes used it can also be the ArgumentOutOfRangeException as below:

An exception of type 'System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException' occurred in mscorlib.dll but was not handled in user code Additional information: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.


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1 Answer

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Solution :

A simple explanation about what the Index out of bound exception is:

Just think that one train is there its compartments are as D1,D2,D3. One passenger came to enter a train and he have a ticket for D4. Now what will happen is the passenger who wants to enter the compartment that does not exist so obviously the problem will arise.

Same scenario: So whenever we try to access the array list, etc. we can only access a existing indexes in any array. array[0] and array[1] are existing. If we try to access the array[3], it is not present there actually, so the index out of bound exception will arise.

Hope the above explanation will help you in fixing your all the errors.

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