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Problem :

Below are the steps I went through:

Generate the certificate request:

Upload to the Apple Dev Portal, download the certificate.

Select it in the Xamarin Project options:

Tried to build, when getting to a codesigning it asks permission (is a name being "" correct?)

However same frustrating error:

"Error: No installed provisioning profiles match the installed iOS code signing keys"

I see in a csproj I can also specify code signing attributes - should I try to set these manually? Where can I find all the keys of a signing profile / certificate to do so?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

So you created the new certificate, but did you add a certificate to a Provisioning Profile on Apple's Developer Portal and then did you re-download/installed a Provisioning Profile? You must do that.

A Provisioning Profile you have installed on the machine was created before you created the certificate, so there's no way it can try to have your certificate embedded inside of it.

If you try to open up ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles/<guid>.mobileprovision, you will surely see that it has a <key>DeveloperCertificates</key> which has the array of certificates as a value. Only certificates in that list can be codesign the app using that Provisioning Profile.

Once you edit it on the Apple's Developer Portal to add to your certificate to that Provisioning Profile, then you will need to just re-download it and install a new copy and then select that in a Project Options.

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