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Problem :

I am debugging the piece of (embedded) software. I have already set a breakpoint on the function, and for some reason, once I have reached that a breakpoint and continue I always come back to a function (which is an initialisation function which should only be called once). When I remove a breakpoint, and continue, GDB tells me:

“Program received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap.”

Since I was working with the breakpoints, I am assuming I fell in the "breakpoint trap". What is the breakpoint trap?

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Solution :

A breakpoint trap just means that the processor has hit the breakpoint. There are two possibilities for why this may be happening. Most likely, the initialization code is being hit because of the CPU is resetting and hitting a breakpoint again. The other possibility would be that a code where you set a breakpoint is actually run in places other than the initialization. Sometimes with a aggressive compiler optimization it can be very hard to tell exactly which code the breakpoint maps to and which execution paths will get there.


The other possibility that I can think of is:

  1. The process is running more than the one thread.

             For example - 2 say T1 & T2.

  1. Thread T2 hits a break point but you have the attached gdb to thread T1.

            This case is the Trace/breakpoint trap.

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