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Problem :

In Java, I want to have something as below :

class MyClazz<T> {
  static void doIt(T object) {
    // More code

But I face below error

“Cannot make a static reference to the non-static type T”

I am unable to understand generics beyond a basic uses and thus unable to make much sense of that. It doesn't help that I wasn't able to find the much info on a internet about a subject.

Could someone clarify if such the use is possible, by the similar manner? Also, why was my original attempt went unsuccessful?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

You should not use the class's generic type parameters in the static methods or static fields. A class's type parameters are only in the scope for instance methods and the instance fields. For a static fields and static methods, they are shared among all of the instances of the class, even instances of different type of parameters, so obviously they cannot depend on the particular type parameter.It does not seem like the problem should require using a class's type parameter.

The better way to handle the things is to put a type parameter in a method itself:

static <U> void doIt(U object)

Hope it fixes your issue.

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