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Problem :

I have the Java web service client, which consumes the web service via HTTPS.

When I try to connect to the service URL (https://AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD:9443/ISomeService ), I get the exception as below:

“ Java.security.cert.CertificateException: No subject alternative names present.”

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I had faced the same problem and solved with below code. I put this code before my first call to the webservices.

new javax.net.ssl.HostnameVerifier(){

    public boolean verify(String hostname,
            javax.net.ssl.SSLSession sslSession) {
        return hostname.equals("localhost");

It is very simple and it works fine for me.


The verification of a certificate identity is performed against what a client requests.

When your client uses the https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/something (where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is an IP address), a certificate identity is checked against your IP address (in theory, only using the IP SAN extension).

If the certificate has no IP SAN, but DNS SANs (or if no DNS SAN, the Common Name in a Subject DN), you can get this to work by just making your client use the URL with that host name instead (or the host name for which a cert would be valid, if there are multiple possible values). For example, if you cert has the name for www.example.com, use the https://www.example.com/something.

Of course, you will need that the host name to resolve to that of the IP address.

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