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Problem :

I am trying to create the table but facing below error

“Error: There is no unique constraint matching given keys for referenced table.”

How to fix the above error?

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2 Answers

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Solution :

When you do the UNIQUE as the table level constraint as you have done then what your defining is the bit like the composite primary key see here is what it meams.

"This specifies that a *combination* of values in a indicated columns is unique across a whole table, though any one of a columns need not be (and ordinarily isn't) the unique."

This clearly means that either field could possibly have the non unique value provided a combination is unique and this does not match the foreign key constraint.

Most likely you want a constraint to be at a column level. So instead of define them as table level constraints, 'append' the UNIQUE to the end of a column definition like name VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL UNIQUE or specify it in individual table level constraints for each field.


 In a postgresql all the foreign keys must reference the unique key in a parent table, so in your xyz table you must have the unique (name) index.

I hope above solutions help you in resolving your error.

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It's since the name column on the bar table does not have the UNIQUE constraint.

So conceive you have 2 rows on the bar table that bearing the name 'ams' and you insert a row on baz with 'ams' on bar_fk, which row on bar would it be referring because there are two rows matching?

In postgresql all foreign keys should reference a unique key in the parent table, thus in your bar table you should have a unique (name) index.

At the time you do UNIQUE as a table level constraint as you have done then what your defining is a bit like a multiple primary key see ddl constraints, here is an extract

"This specifies that the *combination* of values in the indicated columns is unique across the whole table, though any one of the columns need not be (and ordinarily isn't) unique."

This refers that either field could probably have a non unique value given the combination is unique and this does not match your foreign key constraint.

Possibly you want the constraint to be at column level. so rather then idebtify them as table level constraints, 'append' UNIQUE to the end of the column definition like name VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL UNIQUE or specify particular table level constraints for each field.

You must have name column as a unique constraint. here is a 3 lines of code to alter your issues

  1. First trace out the primary key constraints by typing this code
\d table_name

you are displayed like this at bottom "some_constraint" PRIMARY KEY, btree (column)

  1. Drop the constraint:

ALTER TABLE table_name DROP CONSTRAINT some_constraint
  1. Include a new primary key column with existing one:


As the name column on the bar table does not have the UNIQUE constraint.

Let's presume you have 2 rows on the bar table that hold the name 'ams' and you are attempting to insert a row on baz with 'ams' on bar_fk, now which row on the bar would it be referring to because there are two rows matching can be taken care.

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