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Problem :

Downloaded the Xamarin Android Player and with a >>next>> progress installed Virtual Box.

But when I tried to start the emulator I got below error:

Failed to initialized device (name Of the emulator)
VboxManager Commendt Failed

And a detail of ta error in Oracle Vm Virtualbox is as below :

VT-x is disabled in the BIOS for both all CPU modes (VERR_VMX_MSR_ALL_VMX_DISABLED)

How can I fix above error?

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2 Answers

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Solution :

It is the RAM related issue. A documentation is self explanatory:

You want to allocate >3GB of RAM to a VM. This requires: the 64 bit host system; and a true hardware pass-through ie the VT-x.

Fast solution

Allocate less than the 3GB for a virtual machine.

Complete solution

  1. Make sure your system is the 64 bit.
  1. Enable the virtualisation in your host machine.


To run your Oracle VM Virtual Box / VMware machines on 64-bit host there is the need to enable a Virtualization Technology (VTx) and also Virtualization Technology Directed I/O (VTd).

Usually these setting are disabled on a level of BIOS.

So to enable VTx and VTd you need to change the corresponding settings in a BIOS.

Below is the example how to do it for a HP Compaq 8200 or similar PC:

  1. Start a machine.
  1. Press a F10 to enter BIOS.
  1. Go to Security-> System Security
  1. Next Enable Virtualization Technology (VTx) and also Virtualization Technology Directed I/O (VTd).
  1. Finally Save and restart your machine.
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This exception usually happens when the virtualization of your CPU is disabled in the Bios. The modern computer has technologies that can be used to accelerate virtualization.

Reason to enable:

There is no major reason to enable it unless the user has the plan to use the virtual machines.


In order to fix this issue, you will have to try one of the following methods

Enable Intel virtualization in the Bios:

The first solution is to check whether you have enabled virtualization in your Bios or not. This solution is required at the system level and has to access your Bios. Windows 10 and 8.1 require VT-x/AMD-V enabled the process to accelerate the usage of desktop virtualization software like VirtualBox and Hyper-V.


The process to enable this feature is different in every computer and it totally depends upon your computer interface.

  • I enable this by simply by the procedure;
  • Open Bios
  • Going to the bios tab
  • Enable Intel Virtualization Technology

Enable the physical address extension:

Another reason for this error that your Physical Address Extension is disabled. This can be solved by;

  • Get access to settings of your Virtual Machine through VirtualBox.
  • Go to System.
  • Click on the Processor tab
  • Here check the Enable PAE/NX checkbox in the extended features.
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