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Problem :

I am trying to import my project that I and my co-worker have been working on.. and keep getting below error after I select—the "import" then select "import existing project" then click archive file, and then I click on next, and below error comes up:

"Some projects cannot be imported because they already exist in the workspace"

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2 Answers

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Solution :

You need to uncheck the "copy projects into workspace" checkbox, and after that click "refresh" button, you will be able to import your project.


In my case, I just copied one of my projects (say 'Project1') from a workspace and pasted it to a same workspace. After that I modified a name of a pasted project (say to 'Project2'). I could not see it in a repository.

A main reason was .project file from a new project still had a: <name>Project1</name> instead of <name>Project2</name>.

So, I did below things in order to get my issue fixed:

  1. Cut and paste my Project2 outside my workspace
  1. Changed my .project file to have <name>Project2</name>
  1. Tried importing my Project2 again.

It simply worked for me.


Maybe you get a same project name in the '.project' file, just check it again, if yes, then simply rename another name. and import again.

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There are many reasons for this error, but we will discuss some of them.

This error can occur, when the wizard tries to import, but the Finish button is disabled and the project to be imported is disabled under Projects. Moreover, the wizard will display an error message;

“Some projects cannot be imported because they already exist in the workspace.”


The project already exists in the project explorer. The result will be it is not necessary to import the project.

The project does not exist in the project explorer but it exists on the disk-like in the workspace. This is because the importing from an archive file is not possible.


  • Close the wizard;


  • In the wizard, select option Select root directory.
  • Uncheck the option Copy projects into workspace.
  • Then type in the full path of the workspace beside the Select root directory. The result will be;
  • “Projects lists the projects existing in the workspace. Projects not existing in the project explorer are enabled”.
  • Select the project you want to import and click on the finish button.

I hope this will help to solve your problem.


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