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Problem :

My laptop is not connecting to any websites any more. It says:

'Cannot securely connect to this page. This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. If this keeps happening, try contacting the website's owner.'

But it does happen for every site which I am trying to access so I am very sure it is to do with a security settings in my laptop. I haven't done any changes to them and don’t know how to. Can anyone help in resolving this strange?

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Solution :

If the restoring or changing TLS settings does solve your problem then you need to uninstall your main antivirus (It is likely a third-party which is not Windows Defender and runs  in a background) and restart. From my experience, only disabling them is not enough. The internet services should be restored after restarting your machine. You can reinstall the antivirus and not have problems. 

I encountered a same problem when my Windows 10 is fresh from the update or after the load of firewall configurations. The security application, like the antivirus or a privacy guard, can sometimes cut off your connection entirely after sensing a internal changes.

Hope it resolves your issues.

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