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Problem :

I am trying to implement my Google plus sign up on a web app and I followed the google docs to set up and sign up but when I try to signup after accepting permissions and using my access token returned to me any api restcall I make returns me below error

“Daily Limit for Unauthenticated Use Exceeded. Continued use requires signup”

I have already signed up in my app with the ouath 2.0 key, so I am unable to get what is wrong.

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Solution :

Above issue happens while you are already signed in and still try to login again and again. I had faced same error so did below experiments

1) I opened a website on my mobile and everything was fine.

2) Then I attempted on another laptop and used a different gmail account to login and it again worked fine for me.

3) On the first laptop I tried again by clicking on "Signin" button but I got same error, so I opened the google.com then logged out completely from it and then tried again, this time it worked for me. So I strongly believe, Issue is just clicking login button again and again without logging out.

I hope it fixes your issue.

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