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Problem :

 I want to remote debug my windows 7 64bit machine, which runs the remote debugging tools. I am compiling the code in my local computer and then I copy it to my remote machine and run it with a remote debugger.

It used to work until few days back also I don't recall any special changes or the installations done on it around that time. I just changed "On run, when projects are not up to date" to the "prompt to build" and then it seems my projects were outdated. I am unable to understand why..

After that, everytime I want to run remote debugger (F5) I get below build error

1> ------ Build started: Project: Messaging, Configuration: Debug Dynamic x64 ------
1> The operation cannot be completed because BeginBuild has not yet been called.
========== Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========

May be the change is the main reason and a "BeginBuild has not yet been called" is just a symptom?

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I had a same issue with my VS2017 (15.9.3). I did a lot of research on it and found a solution on error. This is a very common problem with the people who are just getting started.

Restarting my computer did not help me at all.

Removing a .suo file helped me. I searched for it was and it is located in the .vs\Devices\v15 subdirectory.

I hope above given hint will help you in resolving your all the relevant errors.

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