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Problem :

I wanted to install a .NET 472 developer pack on my Windows 10 machine from long time, and when I tried to install it got below error.

I was able to install .NET 472 developer pack on my other Win10 machines, and also on my Win7 machine. So I don’t know why it claims to be the "not supported" version.

In my log I found there are some version checks as below :

“Bundle condition evaluated to false:

((VersionNT = v6.1 AND ServicePackLevel >= 1) OR (VersionNT = v6.2 AND NOT (OSInstallationType = "Client")) OR (VersionNT = v6.3) OR
(VersionNT = v10.0 AND OSBuildNumber >= 14393) OR (VersionNT > v10.0))”


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Solution :

This error was shown on the peculiar build of Windows 10 as the build was quite old, and genuinely I think it is not supported anymore.

I was not able to 100% sure on this, as by running a Windows 10 Updater have failed multiple times on this particular PC (and that is the reason why I gave up trying it) few important points:

· The Windows 10 build on that PC on that time was 10240

· But in a log a 472 installer was wanting OSBuildNumber ≥ 14393

· If there is a different releases of Windows 10 then there will be different levels of support by a framework. That particular install might be from pre-release, as its version # (1701) is not listed at all on the https://support.microsoft.com/en-ca/help/13853/windows-lifecycle-fact-sheet

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