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Problem :

I wanted to update my Unity from long time today I had some extra time so I finally updated my Unity today and I was expecting to start working on newly updated Unity but I am facing below two errors again and again. My scripts were working very well on my previous Unity version so I am pretty sure that the errors are not from my scripts. So I am really clueless about the below errors

rc.right == m_GfxWindow->GetWidth() && rc.bottom == m_GfxWindow->GetHeight()


Please Note : Currently I am using MonoDevelop for Unity. How can I fix the errors?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I am very happy that you want to continue your work on Unity and so you updated it recently.

You will be very happy to know that the error which you are facing is the known bug from Unity and I have the solution on this bug.

Please follow below steps to get rid of your errors.

Please Re-Import your Project from your Editor.

After importing it go to Assets -> Reimport All.

Then you need to go from MonoDevelop to following path Build->Clean All and then do the Build -> Rebuild All.

Finally you need to Close and restart your Unity and MonoDevelop.

Hope you will be able to run your updated Unity.

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