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Problem :

I want to do below query

INSERT INTO dbo.tbl_A_archive
FROM SERVERxyz.DB.dbo.tbl_A

However even after I ran below code

set identity_insert dbo.tbl_A_archive on

I am facing below error message

“Can only be specified when a column list is used and IDENTITY_INSERT is ON.”

tbl_A is the huge table in rows and in width, i.e. it has a huge number of columns. I can not type all of the columns out manually. How can I get this to be fixed?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

Your error message basically says it all. You either of the below things:

·You can make a column list (a SELECT on the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS and the good text editor)

·You can make the identity column in your tbl_A_archive the regular (non-identity) int column (since it is the archive table, why do you want the identity column?).


You can try below option


You have to make your column list for the INSERT statement as shown below:

INSERT Into tableA ([id], [c2], [c3], [c4], [c5] ) 
SELECT [id], [c2], [c3], [c4], [c5] FROM tableB

It is not like a "INSERT Into tableA SELECT"


I hope above mentioned solutions will help you in fixing your errors.

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