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Problem :

I am newly installing the Oracle XE database on my Ubuntu by following below steps:

Downloaded the latest rpm file for the Oracle XE and ran below commands to install my database:

sudo apt-get install alien
alien oracle-xe-11.2.0-1.0.x86_64.rpm
dpkg -i oracle-xe_11.2.0-2_amd64.deb

After that  I made sure that I have the permissions to /u01/ and also it is under the dba group.

Now when I am trying to start my database then I am facing below error

“Ora-00205: error in identifying control file, check alert log for more info”

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1 Answer

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Solution :

A file initSID.ora, where SID is your instance name (XE in your case), is your initialization parameter file (pfile) which Oracle always uses when instance starts to load the runtime settings specified by the database administrator.

For some reason your installation process was not successful, and you end up with a default pfile named the init.ora.

On startup the Oracle instance reads initialization parameters from your following files in a order of appearance

1.    spfileSID.ora

2.    spfile.ora

3.    initSID.ora

where your first two being binary counterparts of pfiles so they are called server parameter files (spfiles). And they should reside on a server side in contrast to your pfiles which can be on any side.

You can copy the init.ora to initXE.ora and set appropriate parameters just to check if your instance starts.

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