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Problem :

I have installed the Android Studio. Then I have also updated the Android SDK. Now when I try to start Android Studio, below message pops up:

“ADB not responding. You can wait more,or kill "adb.exe" process manually and click 'Restart'”

A dialog has only 3 options: Wait more, Restart and Cancel. But all of them are giving me a same result, i.e. the message Waiting for ADB appears and I am unable to do anything with the Android Studio.

I have to manually kill that program using windows task manager! I am using the windows 7.

Can somebody help me on this?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

From a command prompt run a command adb kill-server. This will shutdown the ADB and android studio or the Eclipse if you were to use that, would show a Waiting for ADB as you said.

Once the ADB has shutdown then run adb start-server or run the adb devices which will automatically start your adb service and it will show that your android emulator or the development devices have successfully connected.


Go to following path Tools > Android > (Uncheck) Enable ADB Integration (if the studio hangs or gets stuck then end adb process manually)

After that go to,Tools > Android > (Check) Enable ADB Integration

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