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Problem :

I recently installed a Laravel 5.0 properly by cloning it in git, and composer install, but when I ran it to my browser http://localhost/laravel/public/, it gives below message :

"Whoops! looks like something went wrong. please give us a few minutes and try your request later”

I did not make any of the changes after the composer install.

After I tried to copy a env.example to .env below is result

“RuntimeException in compiled.php line 5599: OpenSSL extension is required.”

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1 Answer

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Solution :

The logs are located in the storage directory. If you want your laravel to display a error for you rather than a cryptic 'Whoops' message, then you need to copy the .env.example to .env and also make sure your APP_ENV=local is in there. It should then show you a very detailed error message.


This is happening as there is the field in .env file named, APP_KEY, which seems blank now, so we need some random key for a variable.

Please follow below steps to get rid of your problem.

1) Copy your.env.example to your .env

2) Now go to your root directory in a command prompt (If you are using the windows) or go to terminal (If you are using the MAC or LINUX) where you have installed your laravel project/files and run below command

php artisan key:generate

and after that run your project. It's all done.

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