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Problem :

I have my facebook messenger application. It has the webhook subscribed to the page events. It used to work fine for me until few days ago, when a webhook was unsubscribed from the page and when I am trying to subscribe it again then it tells me:

"Insufficient Permission You do not have the necessary permission for the specified Page to perform the requested action."

I am the owner and admin on both of the FB page and messenger app.

Does somebody know what could be a problem?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

Below is the solution for your issue.

1.Go to the following path Facebook Profile - > Settings -> Apps and just Remove YOUR APP from it.

2.In your Developer Dashboard Go to your App Review -> Add Items

1.manage_pages (This Permission necessery for Accessing the page access tokens)

Add above the permission for review - with any of the simple video of above error

3.Now go to your Messanger-> Settings -> Token Generation Select page from the dropdown List now it will open the popup (because you have removed this app in the 1st step) for the app access permission , notice that now it will ask you for manage pages permission just Grant those permission and then create access tokens

4.Now try again to subscribe the Webhook to your Pages.

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