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Problem :

I want to compile a project in Eclipse using the m2eclipse. I set my JDK path in Eclipse as below:

Windows-->preferences-->installed jres--> jdk1.7.xx  path

But this is showing me below error

[INFO] -------------------------------------------------------------
[ERROR] No compiler is provided in this environment. Perhaps you are running on a JRE    rather than a JDK?
[INFO] 1 error
[INFO] -------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------


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2 Answers

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Solution :

1.On the Eclipse IDE, just go into the Window > Preferences > Java > Installed JREs > and just try to check your installed JREs. You should have some entry with your JDK there.

2.Select your Execution Env and click OK

3.Then just Right-Click on the Project -> Maven -> Update Project

You can change your Maven JRE as follows. You need to Go to Run -> Run Configurations, selecting your Maven Build I was running (from my left panel). Then just click a JRE tab and select a option Workspace default JRE


1.Set your JAVA_HOME environment variable to a JDK root folder it is required if you run command line or the maven (mvn).

2.From a project properties in a section Java Compiler select a required JDK it is required if you run it directly from a eclipse

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If you have downloaded Eclipse or STS IDE for spring projects, it is possible that while compiling or running java project you may get the following error with BUILD FAILURE message in the console,

“No compiler is provided in this environment. Perhaps you are running on a JRE rather than a JDK.”

What does this error describe?

This error does not mean that your project has some problems but is because some wrong java related configuration in your IDE which you must correct to successfully run your project.


To fix this solution you have to update your IDE preferences. The solution assumes that you are using the Eclipse for project development.

Steps to resolve the issue:

  • Go to windows -> Preferences -> Java -> Installed JREs and after that check your installed JREs. You should have an entry with JDK there. But because you are seeing this error, you will find an entry for JRE instead.
  • Now select the entry. Click on it and Edit. After that change the path from JRE to JDK.
  • Once you have changed the installed JRE to JDK, Click on Apply and close.
  • If you have a Maven project, Right-click on your project -> Maven -> Update project.

I hope this will help to solve your issue.

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